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A little tittilation for Valentine's Day!  

I am very pleased to present the winners of our Celia Romantic Short Story Competition: 

3 ridiculously romantic ramblings written in the OTT purple prose style of our heroine Celia as she pens her short stories for those noteworthy genteel ladies' magazine Twins Set & Tweeds, Lady Lucinda's Pearls of Wisdom and not forgetting The Afternoon Tea Companion.

In fact Celia was so taken with the stories that she decided to read them to you herself:

First prize: The Want for a Kiss by David Graham Ward

A lovable rogue, a princess & her stern father - will it end happy ever after? 

Fotolia 38336895 XSSecond Prize: Fulfilment by Irene Styles

The waiter at a Sorrento hotel is not all he seems....

Third prize: The Dreamer by Agnes Frain

Alice the practical joker has gone too far this time. Afraid to return to work, the boss pays her a visit...

And don't forget to pay the lovely Celia a visit at

Here's Celia (looking suspiciously like actor Penny Lamport) reading an extract from The Dreamer by Irene Styles

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