Elaine Cusack

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Elaine was born in Felling on Tyne and started writing poetry in 1985 aged 15. Her first book, Bed and Breakfast with Lydia Lunch was published the following year. Since then her poems have won numerous awards and appeared in various collections as well as on national TV and radio.

After graduating from Hull University in 1992, Elaine moved to London and worked as a rock music journalist. In the 1990s she was both a staff and freelance writer for various publications including Mojo, Select and The Times. During this time she fell, like Alice, into the weird wonderland of out of print bookselling.  In 1998 Elaine set up her own online book business and also wrote and performed in several London-based bands.

The start of the 21st century saw her diving into a range of community radio and oral history projects in London and Cambridge but the south was losing its appeal. Elaine moved back to Tyneside in 2009 and settled in Whitley Bay.

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Elaine spends her time writing, reading, buying and selling books; she blogs at  http://dipdoomagazoo.wordpress.com and www.rocksbackpages.com

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