Celia Romantic Short Story Competition

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Here in time for Valentine's Day are the recorded winning entries from our Celia Romantic Short Story Competition read by the lovely Celia herself.  

We asked for a hefty dose of purple prose, as flowery as you like, in the style that Celia would write for those genteel ladies magazines Twinset & Tweeds, Lady Lucinda's Pearls of Wisdom & the Afternoon Tea Companion.  

So sit back & listen to these throbbing tales of passion:

First Prize: The Want for a Kiss by David Graham Ward

Second Prize: Fulfilment by Irene Styles

Third Prize: The Dreamer by Agnes Frain

And don't forget you can follow everything that Celia, Housewife 49ish gets up to at celiatime.com and enjoy her films on YouTube Channel Celiatime49.  Here's episode 1:

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